After flood in your home, it is necessary to take a water damage assessment to determine the extent of the damage to your home. The best way to do this is to contact both your homeowners’ insurance agent and then contact Unique Renovations so we can send an expert to your home to develop a cost estimate for the damage. Depending on the cost estimate that our inspector develops, it is likely the we and your insurance company can work together to come to a settlement amount, which means your insurance can cover most—if not all—of the costs associated with the fire or flood restoration. To fully understand why professional assistance is so invaluable when taking a water damage assessment, it can be helpful to know some of the things a we at Unique Renovations will look for on a water damage assessment.

Keep in mind that we highly recommend that you should always hire a professional restoration company, such as Unique Renovations, to perform a water damage assessment, as our knowledge, expertise, and experience enable us to find issues you may be unaware of and that could result in further damage to your home. The following are some of the things our professionals look for when assessing structural damage to your home:

– Roof—collapsed portions of your roof, missing or damaged shingles, bent or damaged gutters, cracks or damaged chimney, or stained or cracked exterior surfaces

– Exterior walls and windows—collapsed walls, broken or cracked windows, wet bricks or exterior walls, and signs of water intrusion through basement windows

– Front and back yard—flooded areas and damaged plants or flowers

– Attic—wet or cracked ceiling, walls, and floor, wet insulation, and wet or damaged vents and ducts

– Rooms—wet or cracked ceiling, walls, and floor, sunk electric and phone jacks, warped or damaged wood, and cracked or broken windows and doors

– Bathrooms—damaged bathtubs, stained sinks and countertops, and leaky or slumping ground around your toilet tanks

– Basement (if applicable)—wet or cracked foundation, walls, and floor and stained or damaged ductwork 

 Personal Belongings Water Damage Assessment 

After assessing the extent of the water damage to your home’s structure, we at Unique Renovations will then begin to assess your personal belongings to determine which ones require replacement or repair. Following is a list of the main items a we look for in your home during a water damage assessment:

– Appliances

– Furniture

– Cabinets and dressers

– Carpets and upholstery

– Paper products

– Digital media such as tapes, cds, DVDs, computers, and hard drives

After performing a water damage assessment, our inspector will begin the cleanup, repair, and restoration process for your home. Depending on the extent of the damage, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. For more information about what is included in a water damage assessment or what to do after a house fire or flood, you should contact us to schedule a consultation!

Where Water Damage Is Often Found

Besides the natural disasters and accidents listed above that lead to the entire house suffering water damage there are many areas where water damage can be found that often goes unnoticed until it is too late.

Probably the most common places a house is most susceptible to moisture damage, mold and mildew are in areas where there is a possible failure in pipes, leaks in faucets , inadequate air ventilation, and poorly sealed fixtures.  For the obvious reasons above, the Bathroom is the primary location within a house that owner end up having to pay for extensive repairs. Repairing water damage in the bathroom can be as minor as replacing a few gaskets in the faucet to an entire reconstruction that can be done by Unique Renovations.  Other areas likely to be impacted and require water damage repairs include in the kitchen, usually a result of leaking faucet, pipes, disposal or dishwasher and utility rooms that house washing machines or water heaters.  Leaks in water heaters and washer fittings can often go unnoticed for long periods of time resulting in damage to areas outside of their immediate locations.  We  unfortunately once had an experience where a water heater had leaked under the walls into a bedroom and destroyed not only the walls and drywall but the carpet and padding also had to be replaced.

Our Water Damage Assessment

Many of the repairs that need to be done do to minor water damage caused by improper sealed faucets, leaking water heaters or failed plumbing can be done by the homeowner provided they have a modest amount of electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills. Be warned what starts out as a simple Water damage restoration project can often turn into a full blown need for an outside contractor. Some basic things that an average do it yourself home owner can do are replace damaged drywall, repair plumbing leaks, replace toilet gaskets, seal or caulk around tubs, sinks and drains just to name a few. Below are a few videos I found that can help you do some of these basic types of things to repair or prevent water damage.

There are several thing we do when performing water damage assessments and repairs in order to catch and prevent damage caused by excessive moisture. 

1. Unique Renovations will check all the water connections in your house on a regular basis for signs of leaks.  Corrosion on copper pipes is a good indication something is wrong, additionally look for stains and mineral deposits on the bottom of cupboards under the skins or around the base of washers and water heaters.

2. We will look for mold and mildew.  Some signs of unseen mold or mildew is usually a damp feel or musty smell in contaminated areas.

3. We inspect the caulking around tubs and sinks while looking for missing or cracked caulk. 

4. We look for signs of wet drywall and mold and mildew, stains on paint and drywall or bubbling of the drywall are sure signs of potential problems.

5. We then inspect your roof and seal around vents and other openings as needed.  A roof leak not caught quickly can do serious damage as the water soaks insulation, wood framing and gets in behind the walls.  Often when you notice water damage caused by a roof leak it is too late and will require some serious remodeling and repairs.

Once we have assessed the damage, our inspector will then begin to work with you and your insurance company to reach a settlement and coordinate repairs.




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