10 Reasons a Home Inspection is Necessary

1. Home Inspections Can Inform You as to Necessary Repairs

Home inspections are not just for home buyers. Those who are considering putting their home on the market can use a home inspection to understand what repairs are necessary for the home. You can then make the repairs to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market.

2. Home Inspections Give You an Idea of the Condition of the Home

As a home buyer, you certainly want to know the condition of the home you are attempting to buy. There are many things that may remain hidden to your eyes that a certified home inspector can spot. Things such as the condition of the foundation and roof will help to give you an overall understanding of the condition of the home.

3. Home Inspections Help Get Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is a necessity when purchasing a home and is also a fairly big expense on its own. A good home inspection report can help to get you homeowners insurance in the first place and may also allow you to get a bit of a discount on your premiums.

4. Home Inspections Can Result in a Lower Purchase Price 111

A home inspection can turn up problems that may not be overly serious, but could result in a lower purchase price on the home. Armed with a home inspection report, you can demand a lower price because of certain problems that affect the value of the home.

5. Home Inspections Can Keep You From Buying a Lemon

Just as there are lemon vehicles, there are lemon homes. You don’t want to be stuck with either. A thorough home inspection can keep you from purchasing a home with too many problems to fix or can spot major problems that affect the habitability of the house. If you are looking for a fixer-upper, that is one thing, but if you want a quality home, a home inspection can keep you from buying a home you will have to spend your weekends repairing.

6. Home Inspections are Done by Objective Third Parties112

Home inspections should be performed by someone who is not affiliated with the home buyer or seller. They should be objective in their assessment as its trustworthiness is essential to the home buying process. If you do not trust the person performing the home inspection, you should not hire them, or you should seek a second opinion.

7. Home Inspections Give You a Summary Report

Keep in mind that you are to receive a summary of the home inspection (it is a requirement). This report is intended to report any aspect of the home that does not perform as it is intended to do and that may require further attention. These are aspects of the home that may affect its habitability. This summary may not include all items that are “wrong” with the home, only serious issues. Therefore, you should certainly read more than just the summary of the home inspection.

8. Home Inspections Can Prove You are Making a Sound Investment

Because of the amount of the investment, you may be feeling quite a bit of anxiety as to whether or not you are making a good decision. A home inspection can help to ease113 this anxiety if it turns out the home has no serious deficiencies or issues with habitability.

9. Home Inspections Offer Clarity

You have undoubtedly looked over the home you are considering for purchase and may have some doubts about certain aspects of the home. A home inspection can evaluate these possible trouble spots and clarify if they are indeed a serious issue or not. You can take the home inspection report to repair experts and get an idea of just how much it will cost in money and time to fix the problems.

10. There are Minimum Standards for Home Inspectors

When choosing the individual to perform your home inspection, you should keep in mind that there are minimum standards that they must adhere to. Home inspectors must be licensed to perform home inspections in most states. If your state requires a home inspection license, do not hire a home inspector that cannot produce one.

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