The Importance and Purpose of a Construction General Contractor

The work of a construction general contractor is not confined to usual functions like building houses, roads, workstations and bridges only. The work consists with the preparation of the site and modification of the current position of the site if needed to make it suitable for the construction of desired buildings. The regular supervision, maintenance and remodelling of the present structure is also under his responsibility.

The construction industry, in general has different segments for the engagement of different kinds of contractors. Construction general contractor looks after the construction of roads, highways, sewers, bridges and such other projects as may serve as the main arteries of the infrastructure of a nation. A contractor in this category is well experienced in one segment of construction engineering like making  building of structures for residential purpose, or roads, highways and bridges, etc.

When a large project is undertaken by a construction general contractor, he is responsible for the completion of the entire project and for which he may appoint several sub-contractors to work in other segments into which the large projects are divided and awarded to different contractors according to their specialization.

The construction general contractor generally accepts only a portion of the construction responsibility of the particular segment, which matches his expertise so that it can be completed with excellent supervision and skill for satisfactory results. In most cases, however, the work of remodelling or repair is performed by sub-contractors, who are chosen by the construction general contractor on the basis of previous performance record.