Four-Point Inspections

Unique Renovations can perform a four-point Inspection which is often required when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy. Electing or being required to have this inspection completed can potentially save you, the home-owner, hundreds and possiblly thousands of dollars in insurance premiums and/or costly repairs that you may not be aware of! The 4-point insurance inspection includes a limited scope evaluation of the following four systems:                                         



Heating-Air Conditioning (HVAC)



The focus of the inspection is to determine the approximate age, components, and general condition of these systems. Note: A Four Point Inspection should not be confused with a standard home inspection, which is more comprehensive in regards to both detail and scope. 

All of our 4-point inspections are performed by a Florida State licensed Residential Contractor, and a Florida State Licensed Home Inspector. Note: There are many insurance company requirements and those requirements can vary and change at any time. You should consult with your insurance provider concerning any specific requirements.


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