Pre-Purchase Inspections

What a Pre-Purchase Inspection Entails

Don’t buy that house just yet! At Unique Renovations we care just as much as you do about how you invest your money. Buying a home is the largest invest the average person will make in their lives. Before you buy it make sure it’s worth it! Having a Pre-Purchase Inspection done by us can prevent you from investing in to home that may contain multiple costly repairs!

The following is the typical course of events for a Pre-Purchase Home Inspection:

Typically a pre-purchase inspection is performed after a contract for sale and purchase of the home has been accepted. The contract should contain a home inspection contingency clause. In addition to inspection facilitating language, a general home inspection contingency clause should specify that the buyer may cancel the contract, at their sole discretion, if inspection findings are not satisfactory to the buyer. A contract will typically specify an inspection period (a limited time frame during which the buyer may have an inspection performed and cancel the contract). An inspection period of 5, 7, or 10 days is common.

Once the contract is accepted (or permission to perform an inspection is granted), it is time to schedule the inspection. We can typically schedule your inspection within a few days of notice. In order to perform the inspection, all utilities (water – electricity – gas) should be active. Please ensure that the utilities are on (it is typical for the purchase contract to require that the seller make the utilities available for the inspection period). Note: the process to activate deactivated utilities can take several days — don’t wait to the last minute to get the process started. Note: whenever possible, home buyers should obtain a complete and up-to-date sellers disclosure statement that identifies any known facts, defects or problems affecting the property.

Full access to the property will of course be required. Typically the inspector is provided access into the home by the seller, a real estate agent, or an authorized representative of the seller. Arrangement for property access is the responsibility of the home buyer. Note: when dealing with foreclosed or bank owned properties, it is not uncommon for the representative of the seller to provide the code for a key lock-box present at the property.

The length of time required for inspection of most homes will range from around 1.5-2.5 hours. The duration of the inspection is primarily related to the size and complexity of the home and the number of issues encountered. Please inform all concerned parties to anticipate, and allow for, all time needed to perform your inspection. Although not required, I prefer that my clients meet me at the property for the inspection. You will typically gain a better understanding of the home condition if we can directly discuss the inspection findings during the inspection. Of course, if you cannot be present, we can discuss the inspection results over the phone.

An inspection report will be prepared with-in 24 hours after the data has been collected from the property. The report is then sent to the customer via E-mail in a PDF format (Adobe acrobat reader is required to open the inspection report). If you need a hard copy of the report, special arrangements can be made. Sometimes further evaluation beyond the scope of the inspection may be needed to fully determine the extent and significance of certain issues and concerns which have been observed and reported. If appropriate, you should arrange for further evaluation as needed so that you are well informed.

Once informed of the home condition, you can use this information to go about getting any deficiencies taken care of on your own, determine whether proceeding with the purchase of the home is prudent, or perhaps use this knowledge to negotiate the terms of your home purchase.


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