Simple Tips on Choosing the Ideal Contractor

For those who are worried about choosing a general contractor to build your new home, feel confident in knowing that most of the best home contractors are reliable, honest individuals. The very few who are not, have created an image even beyond their real numbers. To help you find the right GC for your new home, here are some very simple rules and suggestions to follow:

1. Never choose a contractor based solely on quoted lowest price;

2. Always obtain more than one estimates;

3. Don’t rely on possible legal remedies as your protection against someone you are apprehensive about to begin the project with. Simply don’t hire that particular contractor;

4. Research the contractor’s background if possible before hiring him. If your country has a licensing board for contractors, call to find out if there are any outstanding complaints against that license holder;

5. Call your local Business Bureau or office concerned to see if there are any complaints on file;

6. Don’t be afraid to thoroughly interview the contractor candidates. Ask company contact information so you can verify everything;

7. Don’t hire the contractor who only suggests changes that will reduce the price-and possibly the quality-or the contractor who does the opposite and only makes suggestions that will result in expensive changes;

8. Choose a contractor based heavily on past performance. Ask for names of clients and follow-up with phone calls and drive-bys if possible. A good contractor will be happy to provide as many referrals as you want;

9. Choose a contractor based on recommendations of local business owners he deals with such as bankers, material suppliers or local officials;

10. Choose a contractor who appears knowledgeable and has a helpful attitude and will have your best interest at heart;

11. Use common sense judgment;